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Re: Action?

> Ash: did you check out the action plan on the web? What exactly
> would you like to add to it? Please be very precise, and if it is
> acceptable to all, then it will be done. Sure. I do think that a bit
> of focus on training, and a bit of work on the flyers, needs to be
> begun simultaneously.

I don't know about "simultaneouly", but I was trying more for 
"immediately". Actually, what I propose is that some people carry on the 
discussion and others try to evolve a mechanism for putting the ideas 
that come up into practice, possibly with pilot programs. I somehow see 
IP not as a "thought for action" type of think-tank, but as a "thinking 
in action" type of body. Perhaps I am straying outside previously 
established boundaries here.

> I gather you wish to convene a Task force called "Advance Team for
> Action." If so, we can put you as convener and others can join.
> Please confirm. 

Let me think aloud here. What about the folks from the BDP who had put 
together various policies? At what stage are those policies, Prem? and 
have you folks given much thought to attempts at implementing those 
policies outside of the government machinery? Perhaps we can pick one 
thing, health, education or environment, and explore how to translate 
the thinking into a pilot project. I'll look through the site to see 
where things stand as well.

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