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On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Ash Mahesh wrote:

> I'd like to think of ways in which IP can put together a focus sub-group 
> which will work as an advance team for the intentions laid out here, and 
> will pick a paritcular focus for itself. The sub-group can maintain 
> continuous communication with the larger audience. Even the team games 
> need those who can run with the ball and others to hold the fort. 
> Without this precision, the risk of failure is greater. I know there are 
> already some sub-groups here, but I'd like to see those subgroups lead 
> more and the general audience take specific cues from their leadership 
> in individual directions. 

Ash: did you check out the action plan on the web? What exactly would you
like to add to it? Please be very precise, and if it is acceptable to all,
then it will be done. Sure. I do think that a bit of focus on training,
and a bit of work on the flyers, needs to be begun simultaneously.

I gather you wish to convene a Task force called "Advance Team for
Action." If so, we can put you as convener and others can join. Please


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