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Do we need greater focus/action?

Some folks on this thread have argued that the current efforts are too 
airy-fairy to make a realistic difference in the lives of the people who 
most need to see our thoughts translated into action. I disagree, but 
not entirely. I think it is imperative for IP to demonstrate that in a 
limited sense, any large-scale objectives we have (uplift India, for 
e.g.) must be meaningfully tied to much smaller-scale achievements. I 
realize that various policies make individual contributions toward the 
larger goal, and don't discount that. 

Still, my experience with other efforts is that in order to rope in the 
contributions or even mere solidarity of others with similar concerns, 
it is first necessary to show that we can do what we are setting out to 
do in a limited sense. With India Together, for e.g., (and I invite 
those who have'nt already been here to check out 
http://www.indiatogether.org), the first three or four months have gone 
by in developing a format, bouncing the idea off potential participants, 
etc. And yet when we finally launched in early August, we have no more 
than a dozen people who were actually beyond their initial skepticism. 
Many were enthusiastic about the idea, but that didn't stop them from 
having a "it's been tried before" attitude alongside. Now that we have a 
full-fledged site with a demonstrable campaign being built, we are 
seeing far more people sign on to the compaign, if only to keep 
themselves informed. The bottom line is this - talk is cheap. And I 
don't say that in an accusatory manner, after all I am one of those 
talking here, and I'm here as often as anyone else, almost.

I'd like to think of ways in which IP can put together a focus sub-group 
which will work as an advance team for the intentions laid out here, and 
will pick a paritcular focus for itself. The sub-group can maintain 
continuous communication with the larger audience. Even the team games 
need those who can run with the ball and others to hold the fort. 
Without this precision, the risk of failure is greater. I know there are 
already some sub-groups here, but I'd like to see those subgroups lead 
more and the general audience take specific cues from their leadership 
in individual directions. 

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