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Why IP, etc

I received a few comments/ critique about why and how IP institute is
being set up. I hate having to type so much (paining hand), but I'll do

a) IP institute has been a Task Force since ages. Nobody seemed to want to
join. I was the only member of that Task Force; hence I assumed that I
would be the key person to take 'decisions' on its formation/ existence. 
However, clearly, I have raised the concept at numerous occasions and
invited debate whenever necessary before taking any 'decision.' Even now
the whole thing is open to debate and change. I have always said that; 
completely open topic. It can be still reversed. 

b) The main task of IP is to attract those who may or may not want to be
in political activity to bring change in India, but who wish to be
contributing as citizens or well-wishers of India, ideas about this
change. IP's job is to create ideas, and possibly the flyers (i.e., the
raw materials)  which can be adopted by other organizations if they so
like, for propagation. You do need a continously updated 'manifesto' which
will be sensitive to people's concerns and "solve" each problem for

c) IP Institute is urgently necessary in order to start the process of
getting feedback on the draft manifesto from experienced policy makers and
industrialists, etc., in India. We need secretarial and other staff for
this task: available in India. I have not received any serious help in
this task and cannot expect this task to be done sitting in the USA. Yet,
unless we begin this task quickly, we will not be able to consult with
most competent Indians before the end of March, 1999, after which we
should start focusing on preparing the document for publication.

d) The fact that Antony has been asked to be President is appropriate. For
2 days nobody volunteered for paying up. Clearly, the person who pays has
to be given a special position. We must remember that this effort cannot
expand from hot air; it must be firmly grounded in reality. All of us can
be involved in the finalization of the rules of IP and then we can find
out how to allow for a rotation in positions. I would personally like to
see most of the posts rotating each year.

e) IP is not needed to be established in USA since then nobody in India
will care much for it in that case. However, we can and should have
branches in USA just like Transparency International, established
somewhere in Europe, has branches in 70 countries. The purpose of
establishing IP would be best served by centering it in India and then
expanding it to all other nations, rather than the other way round. Advice
must constantly come from all over the world; but its dissemination has to
be to Indians living in India. I do hope that a US branch will be
established in due course, and other branches in other nations, if
necesarry (it might not be necessary since everyone can be a member of the
discussion over e-mail, and most flyers will be downloadable on the web).

f) Most (90%) of the work on IP is and will continue to remain virtual. 
Moderators will have to be rotated among members. The official 'Governing
Body' is hopefully not going to try to change the fundamental concept of
IP. There is some time for that to happen, and before it gets on the

I hope I have answered some of the questions. Again, please feel free to
debate OPENLY and freely on IP. We are talking about changing India and
helping India become prosperous. I'm game for anything which helps in that
cause. Totally flexible. Totally participative.

I would recomend that we start volunteering to be on the Board of IP. 
Also, some could want to be Advisors, etc. I'd be happy to be an Advisor
or a Virtual Joint Secretary. Or maybe we can give ourselves better names. 
Like Yahoo!! has names like Chief Yahoo!!, we could call ourselves some
fun things like that! Chief Boxer! I'd like to be that! Oh well...



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