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Re: micro issues

Hi Sanjeev:

Feel free to put this up on the list if you want to. 

> Well, Sameer, the clear consensus so far on this grp is that micro
> behavior is caused largely by the system into which the person is >

But Sanjeev, who makes the system.... the people. Isn't it! I guess
this is more of an approach question, bottom-up/top-down issue. What
do you think about this....

1)  People who can change India are the ones with power, those whom we
elect, and if your answer is that bureaucrats and elite can do this, I
will ask you to go and have a look at Bihar.

2) The ones who elect are the citizens of India, who are poor,
uneducated and uninformed - over 500 Milion electorate!

3) The poor and uneducated can't make out right from wrong. Whoever
gives them a bottle of "desi daaru" and some bread to eat, is their

4) The politicians are happy because its a good "give and take"
relationship they have established. Throw some money, or rig the poll,
get elected and then not only recover the money spent but even more.

5) Untill you make the electorate think rationally, until you educate
them about what is right and what is wrong, how are we going to
achieve our motive? 

> (e.e., Indians in USA do not go about spitting red paan on the corner
> walls of their stairwells in their apartments/offices since they would
> face a heavy penalty for cleanup as per the detailed contract signed
> renting the apartment: the key thing is the economic penalty which
> the cessation of disgusting behavior; not that Indians suddenly become
> different from 'within' on landing in the USA) 

Well... My answer to this would be, because they see their
sorroundings. They see other people who are sane, so they don't behave
the way they would have done- more of a cohort effect! I don't think
they do it just because of economic penalty, this may be one reason
perhaps, but not the only one. Since there are educated and sane
people in our neighborhood, so do we become. We learn to differentiate
what is right from what is wrong! We learn to hold doors for others,
we learn to keep our surroundings clean. We don't even feel ashamed to
bus our own table after eating at a resturaunt. 

> Let us now DESIGN the system in which the observed obnoxious
behavior will
> not take place. If we - the educated - cannot design such a system
> whose fault is it? That of the semi-literate bus driver of the Red
> bus, or ours? Clearly, we, collectively, have let our nation down by
> allowing disgusting folk to become our leaders, and by allowing
> and harmful policies to pervade every inch of our nation.

I don't mean to discourage you, but what do you think you are going to
achieve by releasing your manifesto, when majority of the people don't
know how to read it, and I am sure you don't have the time to go and
explain what policies you have come up with, to the 900+ Million
people of India, those who will not even be concerned about your
policies because they are more willing to hear from people who will
give them "free" bread to eat.

Don't you think we should make efforts to do something at the
grass-routes level rather than build castles in the air. I see
"reversing brain drain" and "free primary education" on your
manifesto, I can give you hundreds of these kinds of policies, but
untill we don't know how to make them feasible, I personally think
they are useless. Most of the list members are NRI's, lets conduct a
poll and see how many are willing to go back to India, if assume, you
become the prime Minister of India in 2000 AD and have full power to
implement your manifesto. 

I think we need to go deep into the psyche of the Indian people and
understand as to why they do what they do. I also admit that educating
the 900 + Million of India is nearly impossible, but then I also feel
and we should rather _Do_  something rather than merely talk about it.

Perhaps I need to understand more as to what we are trying to achieve
out here. Please take no offence to what I have written. I am just
trying to express my opinion here!


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