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Re: Salaries of LA Police officers

Sanjeev:  Please do not distort the numbers for your own conclusions.
The web site cleary lists the payscale of 147,000 to 221,000 for the
Los Angles Police Chief.  You are reading the end number and comparing
it to the salary of the President of the United States (who by the way
makes 250,000) which is not correct.  You ignore the word est which
means estimated.  It also is probalby a 20 year scale.  Which means
that a police chief starting today will start at 147,000 but will have
to be in service for at least 20 years to reach 221,000.  Most police
chiefs do not last longer than five six years because of the pressure
of the position.  The President of the United States, however, gets
paid a quarter mill every year and shall get paid 80% of his salary in
retirement for the rest of his life.
In any case 150,000 for a police chief is not bad and is certainly an
above average salary which I think is about 40,000 in the US. People
should also keep in mind the taxes.  An average of 30% should be
deducted for taxes from these salaries to come to real estimates.

I do not know how you come to the illogical conclusion that public
administrators should be paid the most (more than academics, etc.) I
do not know why you want to make this a part of the "manifesto". 
Whereas, you are absolutely silent on professionalization,
introduction of technology and devolution of power.  To put one group
of citizens against another is foolish.   All that we need to settle
this issue is just one line: "That all public officials will be paid
adequate and professional scale salaries, provided a system of merit
is in place.  Salaries and bonuses of all public officials will be
adjusted every year to keep up with inflation."   Please note the
problem in India was not as much as low salaries but the government
refused to adjust the salaries of its employees with inflation.  Had
that been a policy, the government would have been forced to examine
its fiscal/economic policies and the bureaucracy would not have been
forced into corruption.  Would you agree?

Kush Khatri

---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> This is the most startling info I could get in confirmation of the
> incentive structure in place in Los Angeles, where crime has been
> over the past decade, like most other parts of USA: Police officers
> off with about $40,000 at the junior most level, and rise to levels
> to what the President of the United States gets, if they become the
> Chief. 
> Check out:
> 	http://www.ci.la.ca.us/dept/PER/salary.htm	

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> SS

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