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micro issues

Dear Sameer,

Thanks for your comments. Folks: Sameer is from the Guru Nanak Dev Alumni
network which I had joined and mentioned a while ago to you. Sameer was
the one who told us about the infructuous attempt of his father, after
retirement, to get a pump installed in an adopted village in Punjab.

Sameer said:

> I have been trying to follow what is going on, on the forum, the
> issues being discussed look quite valid. To me they sound more at the
> _Macro_ level and I personally am more concerned about the _Micro_
> level issues, viz. moral bakruptcy of Indians, the who cares attitude,
> virtually non-existant work ethics, etc..... (I don't think the lsit
> can ever end!) 

Well, Sameer, the clear consensus so far on this grp is that micro
behavior is caused largely by the system into which the person is placed
(e.e., Indians in USA do not go about spitting red paan on the corner
walls of their stairwells in their apartments/offices since they would
face a heavy penalty for cleanup as per the detailed contract signed when
renting the apartment: the key thing is the economic penalty which ensures
the cessation of disgusting behavior; not that Indians suddenly become
different from 'within' on landing in the USA) 

Your concerns and our concerns are very similar. The end result will 
have to be a change in the 'micro' behavior. 

Please do take some time and go thro' the archives - the points you have
raised have arisen, and been answered, in many forms and versions,
already, to the best of my knowledge. 

Let us now DESIGN the system in which the observed obnoxious behavior will
not take place. If we - the educated - cannot design such a system then
whose fault is it? That of the semi-literate bus driver of the Red Line
bus, or ours? Clearly, we, collectively, have let our nation down by
allowing disgusting folk to become our leaders, and by allowing useless
and harmful policies to pervade every inch of our nation.

Please try to go thro' the draft points put up on the manifesto page and
critique them - by offering better points. You are studying urban and
regional planning: a critical topic on which little has been said so far
on IP. We were waiting for Srini's comments, but he seems go have been
very busy. If you can tell us what you want to see in the field of urban
development in India, that would be a great start. 


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