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India: micro level issues

Hi all:

I recently joined IP. Am a grad student at Michigan State. Just wanted
to congratulate you guys on your work.

I have been trying to follow what is going on, on the forum, the
issues being discussed look quite valid. To me they sound more at the
_Macro_ level and I personally am more concerned about the _Micro_
level issues, viz. moral bakruptcy of Indians, the who cares attitude,
virtually non-existant work ethics, etc..... (I don't think the lsit
can ever end!) Before anything else let me tell you that like you guys
I too am a great patriot and I too want India to do good.

Compare for example, the public transport in US cities v. that in
Indian cities. In India it would be a great achievement for a person
of a "respectable family" to have travelled in a city bus.  I am not
talking about the infrastructure and the facilities/ condition of
buses, I am talking about attitudes and the Indian public- their

First and the foremost, the bus will never be on time, even if it, it
will never stop where it should. I have had experiences in  the US
where I was refunded my money because the bus got 15 minutes late! 
Without a couple of abuses and pushes your journey is incomplete. And
by chance if you are a woman you have had it! You will be pushed and
elbowed from all sides.( I am talking about Delhi's Red Line buses
here-- heard they are back to yellow line now, anyway..) I am assuming
that buying a ticket in not a problem; the conductors make sure of
this!! And when you want to get off, you request the driver. He looks
at you, stares and keeps driving untill the bus has crossed your stop,
and then he asks you to hurry down as if he did a big favor by letting
you in! And you are not even fully off of the bus, when the bus starts
to move on!

What is all this! Why don't we Indians have no work ethics? Why don't
we want to work. Why do we always want to feel more important? Why do
we feel pride in embarrassing others. 

Another example, I was trying to call a friend of mine in a school in
Delhi, last night. The first time I called, the operator connected me
to the girls hostel. The fellows at hostel asked me to wait till they
could page my friend. Inspite of my having told them that this was an
international call, I had to disconnect after 3 minutes beacuse I
couldn't here anything happening.

I called again, this time the operator wouldn't get me the hostel's
extension, though my friend told me later that they just need to press
the extension number, and their is no way their could be anything else
to it. I called the third time waited for 2 minutes for the operator
to connect me to the hostel and then by chance one of my friend's
friend pciked up the phone and I could talk. Isn't this frustrating!!!!

What is your take on these issues? What do you think should be done to
raise the  _moral standards_ of us Indians???


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