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Re: multiplicity


I somehow seem to agree with SS on multiplicity.IMO, a loose association
with as many  think tanks, primarily based on their view points on the
evolving manifesto, will be ideal.The practical limits , that you imply ,is
our ability (based on time/financial strength ) to translate  our effort
into effective action for a better India.   But why not wait and see if IP
can grow past Manojs, Antonys and Sanjeevs?  Or even wait and see if some
other group is doing an excellent job ( very close to reaching the same
objectives as IP - content & reach) before deciding to merge?

I would however think that it maybe useful to set up a co-ordinating body
 of advisors) across several discussion groups  (maybe a link website) so
that each group's areas of interest will be transparent to a new visitor - a
good way to streamline  everyones effort?.


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