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Re: Participatory Democracy


In your case for Economic Democracy you made a few assumptions, IMO, can
only work in an ideal society.

These assumptions (may not be complete) can be applied to your example:
1) Information is freely and COMPLETELY available to all citizens in the
2) Citizens have equal ability to understand and rationalise this
3) All citizens are able-bodied and do not require the support of the rest
of the society at any point of their life.

In your example, does Citizen Jane fully understand the impact of the
Stadium on her life -eg.  it maybe that over a period of time the Stadium
contibutes to tourism in that town and indirectly  contributes to her

At another point citizen Jane may become invalid and unable to support
herself. Can we throw her out of the society at that point ?

Economic democracy can be applied  as long as its impact lies within a
society that meets the above assumptions (at the very least) and I suspect
that we are far from it. However that does not stop us from working towards
creating an ideal society.


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