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Re: multiplicity


You certainly make a good case. However, when I am sitting in the US with a
limited amount of time & money, hoping to support institutions that will
raise the level of economic & political discourse in India, I would much
sooner have ONE than 100.

- manoj

>Personally, I have no objection - and I am sure none of us have any
>objection - to 'merging' with any one or more of such bodies, if it is
>convenient, and the objectives of debate, as on IP, are not diffused.
>At the same time, I really don't see how any conflict of interest arises
>through multiplicity. Instead, I see the need for hundreds, or even
>thousands of independent citizens think-tanks/ advocacy grps/ etc., which
>involve separate people, and carry on local initiatives to the extent
>possible. The model we were talking about was 'participative democracy.'

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