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Re: updates/ one more para for agenda


Your goal is laudable, but I see many instances where this provision will be
abused. For example: Are you going to allow religious groups? What
constitutes religious activities? Who is going to enforce this law? I would
draw the line at tax-deductible donations.

- manoj

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From: Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>
>b) the following para is proposed for the agenda under social capital:
>"Government should encourage the formation of varieties of citizens
>groups, including advocacy groups, on various issues of concern. This
>encouragement should not be in terms of mandating such formation but the
>encouragement of local initiative, by providing matching contrubutions to
>the effort, subject to a certain annual ceiling."
>In other words, self-initiated groups like Transparency International
>should receive matching grants subject to certain limits, so that these
>can advocate issues of interest to the citizens. Clearly, that must be an
>important part of democracy. Also, evidence shows that groups which were
>formed entirely by government funds, have never been able to advocate
>so-called political (but actually, simple ethical/ human rights) issues.
>Govt. can and must be a facilitator, but never an initiator.
>Pl. vet this para; if OK, I'll put it in the agenda section.

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