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RE: Salaries of LA Police officers

[Note for Arvind from Sanjeev (I do continue to have the direct access to
posting to IP, and since Arvind has sent this to me, let me mention for
his consideration): please do consider getting rid of the HTML setting of
your mail client. SS]

	> The value placed on the service called "security" is not mere
	> praise or a certificate. It is fully paid for. Why would a
Police officer
	> be corrupt, unless he/she is a scoundrel? (by the way there is
	> below a Police Officer I in Los Angeles. No Police constable) 

	isn't the fundamental problem in india that pay is low in
	field you work in, be it government or private sector? should we
	ensure that everyone gets to lead a life of at least a lower
	class citizen? i think once we create conditions for that, the
	will follow - police officers *will* be one of the highest paid.
we need
	to attack the fundamental reason behind what we see. to increase
	the pay of police officers, we need to create conditions to
increase the
	per capita income and the general standard of living. to do away
	with subsidies, we need to improve the standard of living of
	that was the reason behind having just 15% of labour force (= 3%
	of population?) taking care of agriculture.
	changing laws to increase salaries without attacking the general
	conditions will only increase the rate one pays under the table
	join the police force from Rs.5000/- to Rs.50000/- (just
guessing the
	rates! i actually do not know the rates. however i do know that
	rate IISc professors charge to put their signature on the
	reports of students of private engineering colleges is
	yes, it happens! sad, isn't it? i used to respect them until a
	of months back and was shocked to hear that this happens.) 

	> I know that most computer engineers from India on this list,
in USA, do
	> not get more than about 70-80 thousand dollars a year. Also,

	diverting from the topic but do you know the reason? i feel
indians give
	technology too much importance and like to work on "cutting
edge" technology.
	i feel indians should learn an application area and treat
technology as a
	mere tool. i believe israelis/irish head to wall street and not
silicon valley. 
	if they want to be in technology, it must be to come up with
	something new.

	> Professors in USC do not often get more than 70-80K. But the
head of
	> police is given a solid 150-220K in Los Angeles. Compare it
with what
	> Delhi's Police chief draws, and what the constable draws.

	is that a fair comparison? you should compare with profs in
delhi univ.
	in any case, i feel that a police chief should get something to
	tune of Rs. 100000 per month. i do not dispute this. All i want
to point
	out is that changing the salary structure alone will achieve


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