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Memo of association - a question

This para if from, "Capturing the Political Imagination: Think Tanks and
the Policy Process," by Diane Stone, Frank Cass, 1996, p228:

In the USA, "the IRS ruled that non-profit organizations which convened
public forums and debates oni social, political, and international matters
qualified as exempt bodies regardless or not they sparked controversy,
provided that the primary purpose is to promote a fair and open-minded
consideration of such questions. The charter of such organizations must
specifically state that, firstly, it has not institutional point of view
and is not responsible for the views expressed by its scholars, speakers,
or visitors, and secondly, its responsibility is to bring views expressed
to the attention of the community." 

Ajay/ KS: did you give some thought to setting up the IP institute of
political economy at Hyderabad? Are you aware under what tax rules various
think tanks are covered in India? What needs to be incorporated in the
memo of association in order to promote the kind of debate that we are
having on IP? Shram India was a 'service organization,' rather than an
advocacy/ debating organization. Therefore the memo of association of that
and this one need to be different. 


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