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updates/ one more para for agenda

a) added the names of KS Sastry, Apoorv Misra to the contributors list.

b) the following para is proposed for the agenda under social capital:

"Government should encourage the formation of varieties of citizens
groups, including advocacy groups, on various issues of concern. This
encouragement should not be in terms of mandating such formation but the
encouragement of local initiative, by providing matching contrubutions to
the effort, subject to a certain annual ceiling."

In other words, self-initiated groups like Transparency International
should receive matching grants subject to certain limits, so that these
can advocate issues of interest to the citizens. Clearly, that must be an
important part of democracy. Also, evidence shows that groups which were
formed entirely by government funds, have never been able to advocate
so-called political (but actually, simple ethical/ human rights) issues.
Govt. can and must be a facilitator, but never an initiator.

Pl. vet this para; if OK, I'll put it in the agenda section.


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