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Re: Basic Objectives

I do agree to apoorva's thought of the way implementations should be. it's
high time that people take things for granted - which is precisely
the malignent tumor that has taken root in the minds of the citizens of
this country. 

another observation that I would like to state at this point, which is
different from the subject, though someway related to it, is about the
role of the media in making critical comments about the functioning of
this system - by system I mean the basic mechanism on which the country
runs - and making the educated citizen think and come forth with their
feedback on what is lacking and how it should be corrected. My basic idea
to state this point is that within the country too, there is a channel
which is grappelling the system by it's neck and trying to knock sense
into it so that people, the common man, so aptly represented by R.K.Laxman
in his cartoons, get the points of views of the thinkers and get a broader
perspective of the whole thing. 
As I read the Times of India which does bring in a lot of thought
provoking matters thru it's columns, I am quite at a loss to understand
that in spite of so many sensible people living in this country, why is it
that we all are finding this pathetic scene here - then I convince myself
with the thought that all these people are at the wrong places without the
power and the position to make a difference - a single drop of milk cannot
turn water to milk...alas!!!

but the media is also taking on its role as a guardian of its people and
taking steps to change or at least get the facts to people for them to
decide. In fact TV channels have also taken it on them and different
producers and channels, other than the National channel DoorDarshan, are
airing such programs that make a person to think, or at least reflect upon
the issues, though most of the times they too tend to depict the negative
impacts that the system has had, and very few have been able to really
come out with some good suggestions - as it is again left for the viewers
to ponder. Probably there'll be a time that these channels, the thinkers
and the people who would like to really get down to brasstacks and make a
positive change will come together within the country, just lke it is
happennig here. At that point probably this channel too can join hands and
be a part of the mainstream activity.
It is really required to pool in a lot of resources to get this act in
place and I hope everyone here and elsewhere have enough fuel burning to
keep the flame burning.

Apart from this ideological discourse, what I would also like to
suggest is that if possible we invite thinkers, economists and analysts
from within the country into this group so that they too can carry the
message across to the common man thru their ways and means. Today,
probably every middle and upper middle class educated Indian has access to
the Internet, especially the section of people I have mentioned above. If
these people can be contacted through mail and asked to contribute their
views, it shall help adding fuel to the spark and get the fire burning.
I sign off on this note.

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Apoorv Misra wrote:

>     I am afraid but there is no way that we can build the India of our
> dreams, if its citizens still retain the concept of a free bread. It
> kills not only the individual's soul but also the nation's.
>     I feel that we should make one point clear - the Government is NOT
> going to help you. (Please read on).
>     What the Govt. is going to do is to help you find solutions for
> yourself. Let me exemplify this point.
>     "So Mr. Misra, you can not afford your education. Ok, you can have
> it at Rs 400 - but it is not going to be one way. One day of the week,
> you will have to clean the corridors or work on some project..."
>     "So Mr. So and so, you can not afford to buy wheat for your family.
> Ok, you can have it at a subsidised rate - but one day of the week you
> will have to work on this road connecting your village to the main
> road...."

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