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Salaries of LA Police officers

This is the most startling info I could get in confirmation of the
incentive structure in place in Los Angeles, where crime has been falling
over the past decade, like most other parts of USA: Police officers start
off with about $40,000 at the junior most level, and rise to levels close
to what the President of the United States gets, if they become the Police

Check out:


The value placed on the service called "security" is not mere verbal
praise or a certificate. It is fully paid for. Why would a Police officer
be corrupt, unless he/she is a scoundrel? (by the way there is nothing
below a Police Officer I in Los Angeles. No Police constable) 

I know that most computer engineers from India on this list, in USA, do
not get more than about 70-80 thousand dollars a year. Also, full
Professors in USC do not often get more than 70-80K. But the head of
police is given a solid 150-220K in Los Angeles. Compare it with what
Delhi's Police chief draws, and what the constable draws.

My fundamental finding:  Presidents/ PMs, Senators (MPs), Police Officers,
and perhaps Army officers, judges, etc., have to be paid the MOST.
Economists, usual bureaucrats, academicians, etc., have to be paid next.
Finally, social service and infrastructure providers have to be paid next. 
And all of these, at the top, have to be appointed on a conractual basis.
This is developing into a point for the Manifesto. Shall I include it? The
key new part is about Police officers


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