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Los Angeles City Council

Folks, I thought I'd share a little interesting info: 

Los Angeles City is divided into 15 districts. Each district is headed by
an elected Council Man, and a Mayor sits on top of everything.

Just met one of the City Councilmen while he was at the USC's track:  his
sons happen to be going to the same school as my son, and these kids were
playing basketball together: so, met him. It is interesting how many more
things about a society you get to know if you have kids. 

I had not given serious thought so far to exactly how this city functions. 
But now I have the opportunity to do so at first hand since he has asked
me to come and visit City Hall and see the Council Meetings. I will try to
do so in the coming months, if and when I get the time. All these meetings
are televised, also, he told me. (channel 35, for those who are in LA)

Check out:

for the City Council's web page and compare it with how New Delhi
functions, for example. 

The main thing that struck me (so far) about him was that he has a Ph.D.
It is indeed rare for such a species to be into city politics, in India. 

I don't know what is his official salary, what is his alternate
occupation, how he funds his elections, etc., but I will try to find out
this info and to share it with you in due course. I do want to see at
first hand the differnce between politicians in USA and politicians in
India. I have attended the US Senate and House and seen how well these two
function, compared to the Indian Parliament, but never met an actual
senator or rep. yet. This is going to be my first opportunity to observe a
real politician at close quarters.

If anyone has any personal experiences to share about meeting a US
politician (or one from Singapore, or anywhere outside India), please do
share with us. 


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