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RE: try this one:

> GIRISH wrote:
> ------
> Generalisation is not good. Do you think Mother Teresa would have
lost, had
> she contested an election? We are not against Indians of foreign
> But, they will have to show that they have the love for our country
and they
> don't just want to benefit themselves. When, our own leaders are shame
> us, we have to think it many times before believing outsiders. And,
> Gandhi's deeds sometimes give negative impression. Singlemost is her
> very delayed decision to go for citizenship of India. Then, is the
> which is still dragging the name of his late husband and the country
> originally belongs. It makes one think that aim of her joining the
> might not have to do anything with India, but to suppress this scandal
> clear the name of her birth country and her husband.

I wanted to wait some time before my next post on this issue but let me
just one point. I too do not think that Sonia Gandhi should be allowed
to be PM.
I just used her as an example. All I wanted to say was that the reason
should not 
be her place of birth. She should be disqualified for other reasons -
to Quattrochchi, reluctance to become an indian citizen, stonewalling
Bofors investigation etc! 
However, I do want to know about how the members of this forum feel
Indians of foreign origin. Should such people be prevented from holding
the post
of PM/President? 


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