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Re: OK. We're going to have our domain

>Antony from Kuala Lumpur has come forward to pay $70 to InterNIC. I have
>registered indiapolicy.org as a domain in India with the following
>information (it will take a day to show up as an actual domain):

Great! I'll settle the account using my Credit Card in a day or two and
inform you.

>Dear Antony: You are now the founder of this Institute. Please take over
>responsibility as Founder President of this virtual Institute with roots
>somewhere in India (to be established soon, as below).

Founder? SS, I think the credit and honour is rightfully yours. As for a
President,  should we not have a more democratic process to decide who
becomes the President? I am sure that this list as many others (including
yourself, SS) to play this role better than me.

As for me let me make explicit in what way I can contribute:

1) Spend upto 4/ 5 hrs per week in reading/ reviewing debates/issues or
discussing any implementation issues. ( Maybe after another 3/6 mo. I can
spend more time on this).
2) Make some financial contribution - Lets put it at upto Rs.20,000 towards
the Manifesto release.
3) Write to business circles  and associates to visit us and participate
 At least a 1000 people).
4) Offer my office in Bangalore as a correspondence centre ( In case you
need one in Bangalore) .

While I do not want to be seen as avoiding responsibilty, I suspect that,
given the limits on my time, I may not be able to fulfil  the role and
duties of the President effectively.  (BTW, what is expected of the
President in a virtual environment?)


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