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> "Slightly" late in joining the debate but here are some thoughts.
> Does the contractual nature fly in the face of patriotism? Maybe,
> but isn't patriotism itself a misplaced concept? I would certainly
> like to know what others think about this - Is it an unnecessary
> emotion or is it a neccessary ingredient to be able to run the
> country? I feel it is enough that our actions are not harmful to the
> society we are part of. 

I wasn't making a case for patriotism, although it looks like we will 
get there as the draft progresses. Instead, I posed a more direct 
question, specifically about the contractual nature and the intention to 
build India up. Why is this forum called India Policy? And are we 
building a draft for a society in which we would all like to live 
together, or are we merely saying that this is the sort of society we'd 
like to live in but not necessary with each other?

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