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try this one:

> "Slightly" late in joining the debate but here are some thoughts.
> Does the contractual nature fly in the face of patriotism? Maybe,
> but isn't patriotism itself a misplaced concept? I would certainly
> like to know what others think about this - Is it an unnecessary
> emotion or is it a neccessary ingredient to be able to run the
> country? I feel it is enough that our actions are not harmful to the
> society we are part of. 
> Should a person who is indifferent to emotions like patriotism
> but who contributes to the society be considered a traitor?
> As for changing contractors, we have an interesting situation in
> India - that of Sonia Gandhi? Should she be disallowed to lead
> the nation just because of her foreign origins? I don't think so.
> There is no reason we should have first rate and second rate 
> citizens just because some other countries have. What is wrong in
> opting out of the system? I became part of the system because 
> I was born in the system. I was not consulted before being made
> a part of the system.
> The article also contains a statement which says no dues and
> obligations once I have paid except for taxes. Why have such a
> restriction? What do you mean by once I have paid? Do you mean 
> a person cannot opt out of the system, say at the age of 18
> before he has held any job contributing to the society? What about
> those who want to be lazy? Do they not have a right to live?
> I do not think we can force anyone.
> -Arvind

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