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this is not what we want

Citizens groups, chosen randomly among citizens (like a jury) which serve
a term of 2-3 years at a time, irrespective of any government change.
These should be formed to supervise each and every office of the
government, such as a Police Station, BDO office, DC office, etc. The
Board members should be fully competent to roam inside an office, open any
file, check out any desk, and in general ensure that everything is going
as per procedure.

There is no scope for a bureaucrat in such a Local Board as envisaged by
us. The purpose is to MONITOR bureaucrats.

The CITIZEN must rule the nation, and MUST be authorized to supervise
the functioning of government as a citizen.


On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Manjunath Somayaji wrote:

> I found an interesting article on the Indian Express. This goes to show 
> how hard it is to fight city hall. What we need are methods to actually
> implement anti-corruption measures effectively.
> Manju
>                       Thursday, August 20, 1998 
>                    No takers for anti-graft panel 
>                        EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE   
> NAGPUR, August 19: The district-level Anti-Corruption
> Committee, formed by the State Government following the
> anti-corruption drive initiated by social worker Anna Hazare,
> has received a cold response so far. Even after more than 20
> months of its formation, the Committee has received just 67
> complaints, the majority of which have been dismissed.

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