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Here's what happens to corruption prevention attempts...

I found an interesting article on the Indian Express. This goes to show 
how hard it is to fight city hall. What we need are methods to actually
implement anti-corruption measures effectively.

                      Thursday, August 20, 1998 

                   No takers for anti-graft panel 

                       EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE   

NAGPUR, August 19: The district-level Anti-Corruption
Committee, formed by the State Government following the
anti-corruption drive initiated by social worker Anna Hazare,
has received a cold response so far. Even after more than 20
months of its formation, the Committee has received just 67
complaints, the majority of which have been dismissed.

Sources say that one of the major reasons for poor response
is the failure of the BJP-Sena Government in appointing
non-government, independent members on the committee so
far. Absence of appointment of such members, besides the
presence of a large number of bureaucrats, has virtually made
the panel defunct.

Dismissal of more than half the number of complaints
received by the committee has led to the common people
losing faith in the efficacy of the anti-corruption body, 
it is alleged.

The committee was formed to redress grievances of the
common man and its objectives include probing complaints
on refusal to do work by government servants, causing
inordinatedelays with a motive of corruption and irregularities
in work.

Copyright  1998 Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd. 

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