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One more reason for Hyderabad to be the HQ

Just struck me: I recall reading that about 70% of the computer engineers
who emigrate to USA each year are from AP, primarily from Hyderabad. The
largest immigrant community in USA is from AP, as evidenced by the huge
and active Telugu Association and things like that. 

Also, I notice that a large chunk of hits to the IP web site are from
computer companies located in the USA, such as Ascend Communications,
Intel, Microsoft, 3Com, Rockwell, Infoseek, IBM, Honeywell, Netscape, and
many other big firms. This indicates that there is a large 'clientele' of
IP which is not directly a member but pokes about the web page once in a

Therefore, (and here goes my 'clever' mind!! Sh!! don't tell anyone about
it! After all, this is a thing of 'strategy' and we must do it very
quietly without anyone suspecting the 'true' reason): 

It would be best to make Hyderabad the HQ of this organization. More
knowledgeable people, more funds, more computers, more everything. 

Therefore, please do take my earlier request very seriously, Ajay/ KS.

Well, bye for tonight. I'm struggling with a little technical glitch in my
research and don't want to miss getting my Ph.D. by this (painful) part
time hobby.


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