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Fair society

Hi Sanjeev:

Thought I'd keep you company! I wish I had some responses to the Free 
citizen questions I raised. Because I have exactly the same problem with 
what you said in the Fair society section.

>Fair Society
> I work toward a society where able bodied fellow-citizens work in
> legally and socially acceptable occupations for their self-interest
> and are rewarded for their contributions in proportion to the
> quality, and effort expended, the measure of which is the mutually
> determined demand for that labor through bidding of services in open
> competition. That society is called a "Fair" society since it is
> equitable in terms of reward being fully and mutually determined.
>Pl. vet. 

- "able-bodied" - why?
- what are the boundaries of this society, geographically? Who is a 
- by competition, do you mean "amongst citizens only", or simply that 
competition exists. Must the society be fair to non-citizens?

No doubt some of these have been explained in good detail eslewhere, and 
I am now reading through the various sections of the site to find 
answers. Clearly these questions are simply riders to the ones I posed 
earlier, and perhaps if I understand the first part (the Free Citizen) 
in different terms, then these will fade away. 

Cheers, and watch your hands. 


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