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OK. We're going to have our domain

Antony from Kuala Lumpur has come forward to pay $70 to InterNIC. I have
registered indiapolicy.org as a domain in India with the following
information (it will take a day to show up as an actual domain): 

Name: 	IndiaPolicy Institute of Political Economy

Address:(this is my father's address: as a temporary HQ
	(I thought that an ad in India is important since this
	is an Indian domain. This is only a temporary address.
	G-249 Palam Vihar Gurgaon 122017

Name of Administrative contact: Antony Joseph

email: that of Antony.

The entire web page will be moved to indiapolicy.org within 2 days.


Dear Antony: You are now the founder of this Institute. Please take over
responsibility as Founder President of this virtual Institute with roots
somewhere in India (to be established soon, as below).

Next step:

I believe we can easily raise some funds for the purpose of mailing out
copies of the Manifesto to 10,000 best known Indians in India toward the 
end of this year. Funds will hopefully not be too big a problem. I know
that Suresh Anand had volunteered $500 (read: Rs.20,000), and I know that
many of us will volunteer a bit here and there if needed. 

We need to have a Secretary of the Institute sitting in India. I would
request Ajay Gandhi to take over as Secretary if he can spend a little
time for this task. The reason is that he is a CA and can easily maintain
accounts properly. Ajay, you won't have to do this task by yourself. 
Please hire a committed young college student from your neighborhood and
get the task going, of collecting addresses, and setting up a mailmerge
program, etc. Please pay him fairly liberally, but do ensure that the
output is good. If you wish to purchase some equipment, please let us know
of the budget requirement, and we'll chip in. Of course, economy is
critical at this stage.

I will prepare the draft Memorandum and circulate to all of us for
approval. That memorandum will have to be registered in the place where
the Secretary lives: in this case, Hyderabad. I would like to request Mr. 
K.V. Sastry to take over as Vice President of the Institute, and to
involve about 10-15 retired civil servants in this activity. I am
suggesting all this to ensure quorum in the AGM. Also because accounting
is very critical and K.V. Sastry has worked as Chairman, National Housing
Bank and in the Ministry of Finance at very senior levels.  And Ajay is
the CA who knows all about accounts. My father can also chip in. He is
currently Chairman of Staff Selection Board (contract basis) and has been
Additional Controller General of Defence Accounts, apart from being the
CFO of major public sector companies. All these financial 'whiz kids' can
be involved from the word 'go!'

If the Hyderabad group does not work out (and I don't see any reason why
it should not) we can try to concentrate attention on Delhi (where I think
the next largest group of members is located). But I really hope that Ajay
and K.S. Sastry will have no objections. Were you able to contact each
other so far? And did Sairam contact you?

(By the way, Antony, you'll receive an invoice for $70 by e-mail within a
couple of days from InterNIC, and please pay them with intimation to all
of us.) 

b) Please raise your hands: those who would like to be on the Board of the
Institute. These must be citizens of India, by the way. We could have
non-citizen Honorary Members, too. And a limitless number of "Advisors."
In my view, the Board of this completely international society must be
very large and have a very small quorum requirement. About 50 Board
members sounds OK to me, representing all professions/ age-groups, regions
of India and of the world, with a quorum requirement of 11 who must meet
annually in India. Well, we can discuss in due course. 

I will get to work on the web page of this Virtual policy institute as
soon as possible (ooh! my hand!!!). 

Once again, let us all offer a vote of thanks to Antony for helping us
take this great step forward. It was not that I could not put in $70, but
I wanted to see if there was any real support for this whole thing or we
were just talking in hot air.

It looks like there is a real fire (of anger at the existing system) below
the hot air and smoke that IP has been generating in the last 4 months.


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If nobody has volunteered the amount yet you can take it that I'll bear it.


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