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Oh well, I'm back

Too difficult to stop thinking. Perhaps best is to overcome pain by
slowing down.

a) Modified the "fair society" section to read as follows:

Fair Society

I work toward a society where able bodied fellow-citizens work in legally
and socially acceptable occupations for their self-interest and are
rewarded for their contributions in proportion to the quality, and effort
expended, the measure of which is the mutually determined demand for that
labor through bidding of services in open competition. That society is
called a "Fair" society since it is equitable in terms of reward being
fully and mutually determined.

Pl. vet. 

b) Added section relating to: "Groups/ Associations participating in this
debate:" It includes links to Transparency International India, Civil
Society, Liberty, Jal News, and BDP. Other organizations which want to
show up, please raise your hands.

Mukesh, Indu, do you want me to include your names on IP as

c) Nobody has volunteered $70. Just for the record. Arvind said he would,
if he were in USA, though. 


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