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My hands are finally down. Pain has become chronic. I will take some time
off from all this (and much other) typing. Anything in excess is bad. This
is a clear proof I have stressed the poor little hands too much.

a) We need to create an independent URL


Who wants to pay $70 for that? (I'll organize the rest from my side).
Please give me your name/address so that I can register you as the owner
of the domain name for two years. InterNIC will send you the bill for
that. We'll see about what happens after the first 2 years. 

b) Once registration is done, I'll transfer the web pages to that URL and
give full password access to anyone who wishes to continue updating the
web page of IP. Then there will be no need to enter the indiaconsult web
site. This will be one baby separating from the mother. I expect at least
3-4 more babies to be produced.

Honestly, I'm in pretty excrutiating physical pain and I can't continue
this on my own. If no one wishes to do either of (a) or (b) the please
treat the further expansion of theproject as off. It is not in my self
interest to continue this stuff on my own steam. It will keep running on
auto pilot but there will be no updation of web page: that is not a great
idea at all.

By the way, after Prem, Puneet had confirmed he would moderate for
September. Does that hold, Puneet? And who will go after Puneet?  I will
continue to coordinate the physical exercise of setting up the moderator
each month.


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