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A conversation with Ashwini.


What is being done on IP is avaialble at


(particularly the rules of debate). Generally, we are interested in
sorting and sifting thro' mounds and mounds of books/ experience/ opinion,
and arriving at about 10-15 pages of short points acceptable to the
'signatories.' I would recommend a one page list of points to supplement/
correct existing points. It is indeed far more hard work to summarize
one's view on a para or two, than to write 10 pages on that. But the
people who are going to read the document in the end do not have the time,
energy, or inclication to read more than 5-10 pages of total size of


(PS: I'm posting this converstaion on IP for the better understanding of
other new members.)


On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Ash Mahesh wrote:

> Dear Sanjeev:
> Rediff usually does not post readers' email until the time of the next 
> article by a given author. You should look for anything you sent them 
> when Rajeev writes his next piece. At the end of that piece, there 
> should be a link to all email received in response to the current one, 
> subject to the editor's discretion in posting them (I assume).
> Regarding two other things you had asked about:
> (a) asking Rajeev to join us - I will do this presently. Bear with me 
> while I understand the way India Policy works better.
> (b) summarizing my own views from my articles on Rediff - I will bring 
> these up in separate points instead of as a single list. I think that 
> will help me more too. I don't know that I have followed specific ideas 
> consistently on Rediff, but my interest is in understanding the 
> following issues in public life.
>  - equality - what it means, whether it is a reasonable basis for public 
> policy, etc/
> - incremental changes for a better tomorrow. I realize the vision needed 
> to really drive the nation must look (in some sense) over the current 
> problems and at larger things. But still i find much satisfaction in 
> buying a homeless man lunch or volunteering at a soup kitchen. I have 
> tried to follow a japanese idea called kaizen, specifically dealing with 
> incremental change on a daily basis. Toyota really pushed it big in the 
> 80s.
> - citizenship, what it means, who it excludes, what laws are readily 
> extensible to non-citizens, etc.
> As I said, I will bring these up for discussion on IP in a few weeks. 
> I'd like to understand other points of view first, as an exercise in 
> perfecting my own understanding of these and other issues.
> Cheers,
> Ash

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