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Forwarding some views.

Shrikant - generally a quiet member of IP - has some thoughts to share. 

I am posting your msg verbatim to IP, Shrikant, since

a) I believe your msg is a bit hesitant: no need for any hesitancy. Just
post your views and there will be surely something we learn from each
other. This is a round table to discuss policy. Everyone has something
useful to say/ experiences to share.

b) This month, Prem is the moderator, not me. In any case, you're not to
worry about that. Just post your msg to indiapolicy@cine.net. That should
be fine. Very few msgs actually get "moderated," anyway.

c) The question you've raised about implementation of the manifesto is
extremely relevant. Pl. check out the 'draft' Action Plan on the web page,
and suggest somethings to supplement that. That will be very useful. 

d) By the way, sad to say, nobody has yet joined IP since yesterday, when
this request was posted to Rediff. I don't even know if that msg. got
posted on rediff.

Thanks, once again, for your msg. SS

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 13:39:21 +0530 (IST)
From: shrikant <shrikant.sundaram@yahoo.com>
To: Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>
Subject: Re: Rajeev Srinivasan's article:

 Sanjeev, it is rather a feeling of bright optimism that dawned upon me
when I read this mail, calling all like minded evolved Indians to
contribute for the betterment of the current situation in India.
Though I keep myself as a silent reader of views expressed here, more so
because I'm not so very well versed in expressing myself with the jargon
that I find in these mails, I am trying to understand the practical
implications of these manifestos that are being presented. 

The theoritical aspect of the whole thing that comes out of all these
discussions can be very well expressed and documented as even the Indian
constitution is one such an example, but I am still trying to understand
the implications in practice, ultimately, once this
draft is enhanced, revised and published, it (in all probability) could be
implemented by a different of people, different in thought and action from
the ones who have painfully and creatively given it form. 
Since I am not so much of a policy maker, I probably am at a loss at
understanding the deeper implications of the thoughts expressed by these
writers here, including people who write at Rediff, which I feel, can
boast of some of the best thinkers writing for it, for the awakened mind.

But I feel elated that as a member of this discussion group, I too can
somewhere make a contribution, and at least be heard. I would surely like
to be an active member in one way or another. 

The weapons, for this war against the existing system which all of us are
in possession of, is surely the grand communication network that is
getting all of the like minded individuals together, and I'm sure this
'revolution' of sorts shall change the face of India. I'm positive about
I'm sure that from the enlightened readers of Rediff, we can have a lot
many people who can  contribute their  valuable comments and ideas to this
forum which can be included. I for one would like to see people coming in
and pondering and suggesting ways and means to improve situations in terms
of education, transportation, and the basic infrastructural activities
which fall under the perview of of the rights of citizens for a basic
healthy living environment. 

I am writing to you directly instead of posting these ideas on the group
because probably you could decide-on behalf of the group-as to where these
ideas fit in, and how they need to be taken up.

In my understanding, once the discussion builds up to a higher
participatory level, people might have to be given seperate topics to
contribute their worth , to keep things managable, though I'm sure all of
us here understand that these systems are deeply corelated and they will
have to be managed in a much more efficient way to avoid any kind of
mayhem in the discussions.

I hope these points can also be considered at the appropriate time and
systems put in place to manage them accordingly.

With Best Regards


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