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Basic Objectives

    I read with great interest Mr. KS Sastry's views on the Basic
Objectives of our party and Sanjeev's reply to it. Here is what I think
about it.
    For the past fifty years, we have seen a proliferation of 'Welfare
Schemes' - free books for girl students, wheat at subsidised rates from
the PDS and so on. I myself had the benefit of World class education at
a ridiculous price of Rs 400 per semester. Even our manifesto talks of
similar projects.
    I am afraid but there is no way that we can build the India of our
dreams, if its citizens still retain the concept of a free bread. It
kills not only the individual's soul but also the nation's.
    I feel that we should make one point clear - the Government is NOT
going to help you. (Please read on).
    What the Govt. is going to do is to help you find solutions for
yourself. Let me exemplify this point.

    "So Mr. Misra, you can not afford your education. Ok, you can have
it at Rs 400 - but it is not going to be one way. One day of the week,
you will have to clean the corridors or work on some project..."
    "So Mr. So and so, you can not afford to buy wheat for your family.
Ok, you can have it at a subsidised rate - but one day of the week you
will have to work on this road connecting your village to the main

    Let everyone understand the cost of World class education, or a kilo
of wheat.
    This is my view of the Govt - while 'capitalism' attacks the problem
from the top (building huge factories, infrastructure, etc.), the Govt
lends a helping hand to those who got left behind - but only to those
who are ready to fight it out.
    In the process, the Govt contributes to the economy in a huge way -
by helping people improve their living standards (in the form of
education, roads linking your village to the main road etc.). But this
help is restricted to just ideas, encouragement and funds. The Govt
should as far as possible avoid getting involved in the process of
building roads itself - Oh no we have seen enough of that. The Govt
should be a thin but a highly professional body.

    In my opinion this will have another spin off effect.
    The biggest problem facing this nation is this altogether pervasive
attitude - "India mey to kuch ho hi nuhin sukta" (Nothing can happen in
this country). This is how I feel that this feeling of helplessness took
root :
    For the past fifty years, we have been surrounded by these huge
Governmental institutions, almost all of which are fantastically corrupt
and inefficient. Even though these institutions used to eat me up, there
was no way I could have changed them. Even the onset of privatization
has not helped much. In objects of mass consumption, with demand far
exceeding supply, there is not much that individual or collective action
can achieve - look at the way the BlueLine buses kept on mauling people
on Delhi's roads.
    Let the Govt come forward and change this - present people with
options whereby *they* themselves can change their lives and not some
enthusiastic bureaucrat or a "Danveer Karan". This will go a long way
towards building a confident and self respecting nation.
    Let us for God's sake stop taking pride in showing our country down
in front of others or at bus stops.

Please let me know what you think about it.
With lots of smiles :-),
    Apoorv Misra.

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