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Corruption during Nehruvian era

Just came across an interesting extract from, "The Study of Indian
Society," by Hans Nagpaul, S. Chand, 1972, p.192.

There was apparently a Committee apointed by GOI in 1963, which submitted
its report in 1964, which stated, inter alia, "...There is a widespread
impression that failure of integrity is not uncommon among ministers and
that some ministers who have held office during the last 16 years have
enriched themselves illegitimately, obtained good jobs for their sons and
relations through nepotism, and have reaped otehr advantages inconsistent
with any notion of purity in public life ..." p.101-2 of the report.

Further, Gunnar Myrdal, writing in 1968 (Asian Drama), stated, about
India, "many of the changes that have occured have afforded greater
incentives as well as greater opportunities for corruption," and
maintained that corruption was more prevalant in S.Asia than in the West. 


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