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Re: Updates, etc.

>NEXT STAGE: very important:
>As a first step toward preparation of the First Draft, let us follow 
>following strategy. In each of the coming weeks, we can go through 
>sections with a fine comb and eliminate those points which are 'bad' 
>keep or improve the 'good' ones.

I also have the following suggestion. No point for which 
the 'how' has not been debated should be included. If it
has not been debated, it should be put up for debate.

And of course, we also need to draw up points on how seemingly
"anti poor" measures are actually good and that socialists
have been hoodwinking the people. We need to evolve the
strategy to explain to people at this stage itself. 

I also propose we include

"Tripling of per capita income in 10 years" in our manifesto.


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