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Rajeev Srinivasan's article:

Please check out 

("Dilli Chalo")

I have posted the following feedback to Rediff. I hope this is published
by Rediff and that we get some serious and tough debators with us on IP. 
IP can move forward only by involving the best debators and thinkers of
India. Rajeev, for one, would be good to have with us. Could you
personally request him to join, Ashwin?

(PS: I hope someone will take the time to respond to Ashwin's comments on
the Free citizen piece. I was in fact quite surprised at NOT getting such
critical comments when I posted it much earlier. I think the piece raises
very fundamental issues, indeed, and takes a quite radical approach to
approaches currently rife in India: by the way, pl. check out Milton
Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom's Introduction for an excellent critique
of the statement which Rajeev has raised to a pedestal: "Ask not what your
country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." I would go
by Friedman, any day. That is in a way, a kind of a basis for the Free
Citizen piece.

Further, when Rajeev calls for 3 parties in India: left, centrist and
right, he fails to point out that there is NO right party in India, and
that Indians have NEVER as a group considered individual freedom as a
basis for cohabitation in a nation state. If anything, this evolving
manifesto could be said to be the seed of such a "right" party. I hope it
turns out to be internally consistent.)

[my comment to Rediff:]

Subject: Rajeev is on to somthing:

Ref: Dilli Chalo by Rajeev Srinivasan

Rajeev is onto something when he says:

"It is time for action, for a technology-savvy, Internet-friendly,
globally-aware generation to take over. 

Already, a bunch of about 100 Indians from all over the world (including
the Rediff columnist Ashwin and Professors, IAS officers, doctors,
engineers, etc.) have started a National Debate on System Reform and have,
over the course of 4 months of hard effort and debate, arrived at a very
preliminary document for provision of an excellent governance in India. 

Rajeev has a manifesto of his own. I would like to welcome him and
everyone one else who would like to work together to create a new and very
clear manifesto for India, to come and debate - frankly and fearlessly -
on IndiaPolicy. The key to action is to know what one wants to see in
India. We must, as citizens, debate the kind of policies we want. 

The target of IndiaPolicy is to present a First Draft (duly published) to
India on the 1st of January, 2000 AD. This is an invitation to all readers
of Rediff to join IP and debate.

The work done so far, as well as the actual debates, and the documents in
process, are available at : 


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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