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Updates, etc.

a) A page on 'e-mail filters' has been added to the IP home page

b) Charu has moved to Lucent Technologies, and has excused himself from
the list for 2-3 weeks till he resettles on the new job. We'll miss his
single-handed opposition to everything.

c) I've added a bunch of points toward the end of the manifesto on the IP
web page. There was not time yet to classify these points, so that will be
done later. These points are from the debates on electoral reform, higher
wages for MPs/MLAs, the point on covertability by Arvind, the points on
budgeting etc., by Mr. K.S. Sastry, and the points on code of conduct by
Ashwin. I'd earlier added some of the earlier points on agricultural
reform. Pl. check these points out.

While we wait for points on other topics, we can move on.

NEXT STAGE: very important:

As a first step toward preparation of the First Draft, let us follow the
following strategy. In each of the coming weeks, we can go through various
sections with a fine comb and eliminate those points which are 'bad' and
keep or improve the 'good' ones.

Remember, most of you will be expected to be signatories to the Final
First Draft (to be published on 1/1/2000), and this is only a starting
point toward getting a consensus. So, please do go thro' the material very
carefully and give your feedback. You are subscribed here to work on the
document, and not to spectate.

This week's Debate:

	"The Free Citizen and Fair Society"

Objections are invited. If none are received by the 22nd of Aug, we'll
move on to the next topic: the Vision.


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