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Each time I browse around I seem to hit something to admire about USA.
This time it is FraudNET: a site where people can report allegations of
fraud, waste, etc. of federal funds.


This is exactly the kind of stuff the Lok Pal should set up: so that
people can report fraud / corruption instantly over the web, and remain
anonymous, if they prefer to. (what happened to the Lok Pal bill?)

The internet can help combat corruption. I am constantly amazed at the
amount of independent thinking going on in the governance service
providers in USA. Bureaucrats/agencies sincerely want to serve the people.

One of the key things in that desire (to serve) is of course the fact that
government servants are relatively very well paid. A Policeman in Los
Angeles, for example, enters service at age 22 with $40,000 per annum plus
benefits, which is close to what a Ph.D. in a social science can expect to
draw, either inside or outside government. With that, there is much less
temptation for corruption. 

The system therefore works to cut out 'bad' motives from all sides: higher
pay, higher transparency, higher penalty. 


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