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Re: code of conduct

> You know of course that I was talking about unruly behaviour, only,
> and corruption, in terms of internal discipline. And I did raise a
> serious doubt about its possible implementation. You do not want me
> to remove that point, I assume.

No, I do not. Do retain the original thought, adding whatever parts of 
my argument you found compatible with it. In specific terms, I would 
like to add to the code of conduct the preference for operating without 
a party whip and the requirement that every vote, or the absence of it, 
shall be freely documented and made available to anyone, with the 
additional caution that acquiring such information be reasonably easy. 
Often, public records are simply made inaccessible by nightmarish 
procedures, and adding this rider precludes that.

If there has already been a debate over how the platform for the ideal 
party ought to be arrived at, do point me to a summary. I wont rehash 
something you've already covered much ground on, but I'll simply leave 
it at wondering aloud that if the code of conduct specifically 
identified how the ideal group might develop a platform, even if not a 
unique one, some of the potential for unparliamentary conflict could be 

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