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Action points.

Each of us must get down to specifics. For myself, I have formulated an
agenda as below:

Ten Point Formula
	Kambhampati S. Sastry 

Fundamental Beliefs 

1. Belief in God who reinforces human endeavour.
2. Belief in democracy where people truly govern themselves.
3. Belief in nationhood that sublimates diverse religious, linguistic and
ethnic identities within and promotes universal human welfare.

Basic Objectives

4. To bestow on every citizen a minimum level of consumption and a basic
quality of environment.
5. Consistent with the objective set out at No. 4, to provide every
citizen the fullest opportunity for material and spiritual advancement
through self-effort and to guarantee enjoyment of the fruits thereof. 
6. Consistent with the objectives set out at Nos. 4 and 5, to make India
grow economically and take its rightful place in the comity of nations.

Action Programmes

7. Educate the people on the political, social and economic developments
at the regional, national and global levels.
8. Demystify, decentralise and democratise the public budgeting and
planning processes.
9. Facilitate direct participation of the people in the governance by
suggesting structured alternatives.
10. Work against institutional arrangements and processes that encourage
adversary relationships.  

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