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Re: India Together, and the ism debate

Ash Mahesh wrote:

>seems to me that considerable number of those who would advocate a 
>measure of socialism are acting from a position of capitalistic 
>strength, and of their own volition, not because they find themselves 
>some larger socialistic context. And while it is true that the 
>"compassionate" corner has been hijacked to the point where many now 
>openly suggest that capitalists are by definition apathetic, it bears 
>asking why? is it a subtlety that capitalists can be concerned too, or 
>is the action on behalf of the underprivileged that capitalists engage 
>vastly over-ridden by other actions seen to be harmful to the public 

As to the question of why, I think I can give an answer though I
may be wrong. I have reason to believe that people first start off
with sympathising poor and oppressed, empathising with all sorts
of misery and do not miss even one case of injustice that takes place.
They are deeply affected by the suffering around them.
At some point, such poeple come across socialistic ideas and instead
of seeing it purely as an economic model, get carried away and
start convincing themselves that they are socialists.
That is all fine but I feel that at this point, such people should
start analysing further instead of settling into the socialist
groove. They will then find that socialism just fools the public
and is not a model at all. It brings up one or two relevant points
and proceeds to give completely wrong solutions!

As to the second question, capitalists are concerned too. Surely,
no one wishes harm to the poor or no one wishes that suffering
continues. We all wish that the general quality of life improves.


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