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Addition to Code of conduct page

Today's headline was:

"President deplores deteriorating standards of Parliamentary behaviour"

I propose to add that an ideal political party should take full
responsibility for the behavior of its members on the floor of the
Parliament/ Assembly. I am adding:

"The Party shall ensure that decorum is maintained by its members on the
floor of the Parliament/ Legislative Assemblies. Apart from thorough
training in procedures and norms, members would face internal disciplinary
action proportionate to the nature and frequency of the delinquent

I think we must expect the political parties to take action on these
things. It is not merely the Speaker's headache to punish such behavior.

Please go thro' the Code of Conduct outlined on the web page and suggest
modifications/ improvements, etc. In particular, do you agree with or
disagree with the 5 year provision on being a tax-payer, plus, having 16
years of education? 

The big question is: will such a code ever be enforceable? Well, I would
any day vote for a party that has such strict internal discipline compared
to those which do not control ruffian-like behavior in their members. I
suppose this would hold for most of us, at least.

Therefore, I believe that citizens, as 'consumers' of the governance
services provided by alternative service providers (political parties)
would reward those contractors (parties) which promised and enforced
better standards, with re-election, while others would fall by the
wayside. This is of course only a hypothesis at this stage. I don't think
we have evidence which can be used to test this hypothesis in the absence
of any Code of Conduct in the Governance providers of India. But it is a
promising hypothesis anyway, similar to the fact that companies which
provide better standards of safety and quality, generally do better.


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