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Admn. Reform, and other update/s

a) Administrative Reforms:

National Academy has a web site listing admn. reforms and the National
Debate on Civil Reform. This is a must see site,


I have provided a link to it through the "administrative reform" heading
on the manifesto. The only weakness with this approach, as I clearly see,
lies in the absurdity of its trying to reform a bureaucracy without
reforming the polity. That is an effort destined to failure from the word

To the extent that this "objection" is being met squarely on IP, I do
believe that IP is a much superior approach to that of the National Debate
on Civil Refrom. We could call IP the National Debate on System Reform (I
have done just that, on IP's page, just now! Sounds better than calling
ourselves a Think Tank). 

On IP one is not afraid to discuss and debate the most controversial
policy issues. The basic principle on IP is that we the citizens have to
determine our system and our policy, and this job cannot and should not be
delegated to our contractors (government agencies). 

b) New members listed on 'contributors' page:

Based on the new names I noticed among the contributors in the past 2-3
weeks, I have updated the contributors page with the following names, and
added a brief biodata wherever available:

	Dr. Prabhu Guptara
	Devarajan Sundravaradan
	Sanjeev Chopra
	Ashwin Mahesh 
	Isha Trivedi

The usual request holds:

Please let me know if you are comfortable with your name figuring on the
IP web page. Also, if you are, pl. send me brief biodata which I will add
to your info. Second, those who have not yet contributed (lurking in the
background) or used me to send in their mail, pl. consider surfacing above

c) I've updated some other things, and am trying to do more this weekend,
such as adding two sections, one on "concerns" and "code of conduct" to
the IP home page, and other entries/ corrections/ additions on the inner

By Monday, if you don't find your points (which you might have sent in
earlier) listed on the IP page, pl. write me a note at once, and I'll add
the points wherever necessary. Please make sure that as a debator it is
**your** responsibility to ensure that the winning points are put up on
the web page from time to time. I am your mere scribe.

d) Clearly, as one reviews the 'progress' made over the past 4 months and
one week since IP was started, there is surely a sense of having learnt
something, done something. So, this is a "self-pat" on the back to all of
us for having come together as citizens, discussing and planning how we
can make India into the "True" Number 1 in the world. A job well begun,
one would say.

Maybe something will come out of this effort, in the end.


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