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Happy August 15th!

This is to wish you all a proud Independance Day.  I am a recent member 
of India Policy and I find the debates analytical and thought-provoking.  
On this auspicious day, let us forget, for a few moments, the 
over-populated India plagued by a motley of various socio-economic and 
political problems and think of a great nation with a extremely rich and 
diverse culture, the land of Nehru, Gandhi, Azad and Bose.  Recently I 
was watching a documentary on Nehru on BBC and was reminded of his 
enhusiasm and zeal.  I was left wishing fervently for such virtues in 
our current batch of politicians.  
Continue the great efforts and optimism..
Jai Hind!

PS Montek Singh Ahluwalia has been removed from the post of Finance 
Secretary.  In my opinion, he had been there too long and this will 
bring in a breath of fresh air.  

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