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India Together, and the ism debate

[moderator's comments: Ash Mahesh, whose mail about India Together (IT) 
I had posted earlier, joined the group today. Everyone please welcome
him on board. I don't know how many on this list had read Ash's columns
on Rediff, but I personally like his balanced views a lot. I hope that
he would be able to share  with us his insights into various issues. I
also hope that this interaction between IP and IT (and, of course, many
more like-minded groups) would be mutually beneficial and would help speed 
up India's rejuvenation.  Here is Ashwin's first mail to IP - Prem.]

Dear Prem:

I did check it out as you can see, and signed on to India Policy myself. 
I hope I understand the process right, this first attempt will show me.

I hope that some people on this site will really come forward and help 
provide material on socio-economic policies which can be carried on 
India Together. Being myself a member of this site now, I will be happy 
to answer any questions you have.

Two passing thoughts about the debate over socialism vs. capitalism. It 
seems to me that considerable number of those who would advocate a 
measure of socialism are acting from a position of capitalistic 
strength, and of their own volition, not because they find themselves in 
some larger socialistic context. And while it is true that the 
"compassionate" corner has been hijacked to the point where many now 
openly suggest that capitalists are by definition apathetic, it bears 
asking why? is it a subtlety that capitalists can be concerned too, or 
is the action on behalf of the underprivileged that capitalists engage 
vastly over-ridden by other actions seen to be harmful to the public 

Once again, nice to be here.

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