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Re: The highest duty of man

Antony:  I never said that social workers are to be put above any
other category.  All I was saying is that you cannot put any category
over others.  Each individual is different and they must act according
to their respective aptitudes and talents. Regarding people expecting
their politicians to be "social work oriented."  That is true every
where.  Demands and expectations from public servants are different
than from others, and they should be.  The trouble today is that
public life in India has deteriorated to such an extent that there are
NO expectations.  Everyone knows that public servants (both elected
and career) are not serving.   Please do not interpret as if I am
trying to put one category of people over others.  But basic values of
honesty, integrity, and self-sacrifice and love will always be
recognized as the goals of living.  Those "values" make us human
irrespective of your profession. And that is what we as a society must
honor and cherish.  Yes, once we have self-made, honest enterpreneurs
-- people will respect them and they must get due recognition.  Right
now we have a bunch of monopolists who continue to feed a corrupt
system because it benefits them.  Why should we respect such
"businessmen"?  Let us respect and honor values where we see them
irrespective of who or what a person is.


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