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RE: Arvind's quote

When I posted this, I never expected a discussion
on the subject! I just thought that nations
*are* on the march and India is lagging behind.
That this is continuing for more than a hundred
years is a sad fact.
It was not my intention to either start a
discussion on superstition or degrade the
beliefs of indians, but to highlight the
fact that we are lagging behind.
However, since the subject has been brought up,
it should be pointed out that indians do let
superstitions be a part of daily life and
cause harmful effect.
When you talk of UFOs, remember that it is
the exception and not the rule. And believing
in UFOs do not cause a degradation in the
general quality of life.
Remember when Ganesha drank milk. We ought to
be ashamed at the way even educated indians
behaved. I was in Bombay at that time and had
not the government intervened, there would have
been a scarcity of milk in Bombay.
An year later, in Bangalore, Ganesha gave milk.
I am sure if a chemical analysis had been 
performed, it would have shown that this Ganesha
gives milk with 3.5% fat on normal days and
6% fat on festival days! That is what the
Bangalore Dairy Farm supplies.

We should learn to accept that all cultures have
positive and negative points and we should accept
the positive points. No culture is superior or
inferior, each has its own characteristics.

It is easy to dismiss Singapore as a small country,
US/Europe as plunderers to justify our backwardness.
The fact remains that countries like indonesia
and malaysia are far ahead of us and in a recent
Quality of Life index released by UN, india was 
ranked 135.

Our thinking needs to change drastically. Statements
like "Gram Raj" or "India lives in its villages"
are not a matter of pride. Why should we be a largely
rural country? Why can't the villages also be 
transformed into modern cities?
I even saw an article by someone from IIM who 
had calculated how many megawatts we derive from 
cattle and how they were indispensible. Such thinking
*must* disappear. We need to modernise not depend
on methods which evolved 3000 years ago.


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