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Re: Tackling Corruption

Here is my two bit on the issue:

-Setting up a legal infrastructure propotional to the number of people.
Do we set it proportional to people or to number of cases generated per

-Revamping laws/ rules on many issues that not adequately covered in our
current system.
IMO, this is a very important issue. Corruption, misuse of public and
private property etc. occcurs because of the large grey area in rules/laws
in our current system.  Our current system based on the British legal
system, takes it for granted that grey areas can be addressed in  a court of
law.  In India, this together with the the lack of enforcement of laws
probably has lead to a explosion in the number of civil cases- clogging up
the entire system.

Can we get a set up a committee (of legal experts presided by special
judges)  to take a look at each law/ regulation and plug as many loopholes
as possible?  This maybe ambitious - but we need a continuous process of
revisiting each law once every five years ??  Legal experts please comment
on the practical impediments to this.

Once our legal infrastructure catches up with the number of cases generated
each year would we need special courts etc to speed up the process ?


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