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Re: The highest duty of man


I agree with you that our objective should not be to create a lopsided
society by leaving out social workers.

Like all other individuals - social worker also seek self satisfaction:
Through the service to others (I guess,  researchers would equate it with a
higher level in Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs ).  In India we over-emphasise
these qualities over other equally important forms of self
satisfaction -security, money, social status etc.

Especially when it comes to Political leaders and Policy makers we expect
them to be people who have a 'social worker' orientation, atleast outwardly.
IMO this is lopsided too.

Can we not send the message to the youth of India, that to reach higher
level of social security (I guess, becoming wealthier is an important factor
in this) is by no means a low social value, as  currently construed in our

BTW, There are a few hundred 'Social Service Organisations' in India funded
by honest, hardworking, wealth generating citizens from elsewhere in the
world (includes Mother Theresa's institution). And for  each  act of
compassion  put in by these 'Mother Theresas'  there is someone
contributing hard cash (Obviously attaining self satisfaction while
remaining behind the scenes).  We do not define these invisble contributors
as 'Social Workers' do we?

My point: Honest, hardworking, wealth generating people have a equally
responsible role in society.      We need people who aspire to be both Bill
Gates ( I am not so sure that he's honest & hardworking) and Mother Theresa.
And BOTH to be looked up as great persons of the soil.


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