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Re: The highest duty of man

If the salaries are too low, then the segment of people from which we can
hope to attract candidates for MPs can only include:
a) Those born rich and  are
1)altruictic or
2)motivated to use politics for self-satisfaction through power / more money
3) insane
b) Brilliant and honest people
1) Idealists who can stand up for their values but at the same time feel no
love/compassion for their family who have to suffer the consequences of the
MPs political career.
2) Idealists with idealist spouses and idealist children all willing to make
a great sacrifice for the nation.
c) Common man
1) Just there for power
2) Does not no what he is in for  (maybe the small salary is big bucks for
him) and does not have any clear objective - Happy to do a 5 yr term in
office and go back and retire in glory.
d) Crooks- who are there to make money the wrong way.
If we study our current system it will be obvious that  we have a very few
who fall in the category  b2 & a1, some in a2 & a3? a few in b1, a number of
them from c  (given the benefit of doubt) and a whole lot from category d.

IMO, with salaries pegged  at a relatively high level we will open up the
competition (to be an MP) to a wider segment of the people.
- For the top-notch professionals, who could earn very high salaries
elsewhere, the incentive to go into politics will still depend a lot on
their willingness to make a sacrifice for their country.
- For an honest common-man-turned-politician , with the abilities to be a
leader, this will be an opportunity to support himself/his family well while
he sacrifies himself for the nation.
-For the crook-turned-politician, who successfully presents himself as the
Gandhian-who-sacrifies-everything-for-the- good-of- his-voters, it wont make
too much of a difference.
IMO, By widening the net we can hope to attract better people to come out
and take up the leadership role (May not be crook-proof by itself) .
I also liked the earlier suggestion collecting a small sum of one or two
rupees from each voter towards remuneration for the elected reps.  This way,
the common man will feel that the money the MPs take home is from their
pocket and hold them accountable for it ?

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