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Re: A section on "Citizens' Concerns"

>From Sanjeev's mail

> * I want an environment where I, my family, and everyone else, is
> rewarded based on their effort, capability, creativity, and actual
> contribution. In particular, I want to be able to become as rich as I
> want to be, given the effort I put in.

Puneet's comments:

Here and in many of our posts we talk of making an individual rich, a
capitalistic way in many respects. To averse the negative image that
capitalism has with many people in India it is to our benefit to explain
how we mean 'rich' and how it can work for all. 

A word often misunderstood and interpreted as the "evil sucking wealth
from the poor": 'RICH' needs to be explained with any document such as
this that you have proposed. It is a common (socialistic ?) fear that
wealth being a constant amount needs to be distributed equally amongst
all sections of society and hence the 'rich' are stealing from the poor.
So when writing the proposed page, do explain what we mean by making an
individual rich, and how collectively we can all be richer. In other
words, its not a sin to be rich (using examples such as those we
discussed on how the Tatas's and Birlas have done as much good as Mother
Terresa). A clear writing on this will help shape opinions of many on
how a society based on reward/punishment can work to benefit all.


[Moderator's comments: I have edited Puneet's original message by incorporating
the clarifications he had sent in in response to my querees.]

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